Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy week.....whew!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. We had Bob’s 21st big day, Love ya girl! Had a clam bake to celebrate….Yum, followed by a few celebratory dances and drinks. We all decided we need to round up the fam once a month for dinner and a chance to reconnect. Love you guys thanks for rejuvenating me.

Then it was off to the Midwifery Today Conference in Philadelphia. Had the opportunity to hear Michel Odent speak about alternative pain relief in labor. Honestly, I could listen to him talk about paint drying he just has a voice that draws the listener in. Ina May Gaskin was a hoot as always. She has a library of wonderful stories of birth and life to share. I also had the opportunity to hear Gail Hart speak about the physiology of second stage. So much of Gail’s talk was about common sense (at least to me) and how our society has allowed the outside “noise” to permeate the intimate world of birth. Gail also has a way of bringing smiles and tears. Wonderful!

The school table was next to an amazing woman with the most gorgeous hand blown glass work. My photos do not do it justice. Brook is not only immensely talented she has a beautiful family, a loving heart and incredible vibe for life. Please do yourself a favor and visit her website.
Brook I am planning to purchase a piece of your art just as soon as I am gainfully employed again! (And a few extra pieces for some very special ladies in my life too).

Family pendants

A beautiful birth goddess

Man I wish I had one of these way back when to keep tiny hands busy

More celebrations of womanhood

Next it was off to a surprise birthday celebration for my long time Navy buddy. I will preface the photos by saying, again I only had my iPhone and the photos are not clear.

Barb was so, so surprised I don’t know that a good camera in my shaky hands would have captured anything better. It was an especially great surprise as her family also arranged to have her other long time friend Irene from AZ at the party. So great to finally meet I've heard great (and funny) stories of Barb's adventures with Irene and her family.
Afterward, we all went to Barb’s for movies and a gal’s sleep over. It was a well needed visit and break from the routine. I had a wonderful time and it was soooo great to re-connect.

Then it was back to clinical yesterday which I really was looking forward to as I am so lucky to have the preceptor I have. I just don’t like the 1.5 hour drive to get there and another 1.5 to get home again. Ugh.

But……When I arrived home I was greeted by our faithful companions, our gal Bob and


By none other than Mr. Wonderful!

A sprig of fresh Wisteria from our yard, a glass of wine and dinner. It was such a nice way to start back in the saddle.

Stay tuned........



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