Thursday, January 13, 2011

Salvation Army score, a one of a kind pillow and some random ramblings

I scored big at one of my favorite supply stores. As most know, Salvation Army is hit or miss but I scored this last time. I wasn't particularly looking for this but I do scour most of the store at least a quick run by on each visit. As I was darting down the curtain/bedspread/sheet aisle, THIS beauty caught my eye. I have seen this print before (one of our daughters actually had a set just like it) and to buy it new was not a need (remember I'm trying to be good with the Needs vs. the Wants ) but when I spied the price, it went from a want to a "you can't pass this up". Even if I later use it as fabric for something, it was a complete bargain. Sorry it is a bit blurry, iphone snapshot on the run but it is clean, crisp white with a beautiful red design. Not a flaw, stain or snag anywhere!!

                                      YES that is $6.99 !!!!!
I was so excited. It has been laundered and is now part of the spare room coziness. I'm planning to use the pillow shams to make a bolster or a few small bed pillows.

Then I was scrolling back through my iphotos and came across this. I made this for my mother for Christmas. The creation was born from a drawing my niece in CA drew for our mother last year when they were in for a visit. My mother loves the drawing and said, "Wouldn’t this make a darling wall hanging?" My wheels started turning and I headed off to one of my favorite inspiration stores. Kay has the greatest shop for anything wool or homespun. The store itself is a treat to see and I have to use incredible self control when I visit.

The most unique hand-dyed wool and patterns, and inspiration and well you have to visit when you are in the area. 
I took a copy of the drawing to Kay and she immediately started giving me ideas; did her magic and sent me on my way with all the wool and instructions anyone could ask for. That was all in spring 2010! Everything sat in my craft room for months, right up till a few weeks before Christmas. I called Kay and she talked me through a refresher. I finished it only 2 days before our family party.

  I made a small pillow rather than a wall hanging that way my mom can use it anywhere in her home. I've been interested in hooking and have a rug I started many, many  years ago but this was my first official completed project. I'm hooked (no pun intended).

Random ramblings.
I have a list of "stuff" I want to do, make, create but I'm trying to stay on the right track and keep my head in my studying. So I have made a personal pact that I will only work on things that I can stop and start without major setup/cleanup (e.g. I have 4 chairs that need to be painted and reupholstered...they must wait). One of the items I have wanted to try came from this inspiration.
The full instructions can be found here.

And this is my version
I've been itching to use some sheet music from my mom (thanks mom!)

And for those non-family members, I have two invaluable assistants who help me plan, shop, organize, clean, entertain, and keep me company 24/7. I don't give them the recognition they deserve so here goes are the best!

Oh sorry, they are on nap break!

Stay tuned.......


  1. I love the duvet cover... what a find! Love the sheet music jewlery too. You are amazing!

  2. It is from IKEA. Don't know if it is still sold but I liked it then and I like it now. Not amazing, Mandy the gal who wrote the tutorial is amazing.

  3. love those dog babies,, beautiful. Very creative necklace,, i'd like to try that. I like your version.

  4. You are so right... your necklace NEEDS my earrings! Lol! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the sweet compliment on my photography!


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