Monday, February 28, 2011

A piece of the past

A few weeks back I was helping our mom in her attic. I came across this adorable suit which belonged to our Dad when he was a little tike. I don’t know which I’m more taken with; the simplicity of the structure or sweetness of the embroidery. These photos are definitely going into my inspiration file. Enjoy.
This is the back closure ~ simple two strap with button.

The collar detail DSC00497
DSC00494                    Cutest applique                         DSC00498
Stay Tuned…..


  1. Oh my gosh! That is so sweet! It looks like it is in such nice shape!
    You're very lucky to have that.

  2. It is in great shape, so much so it could be laundered and worn if it were not such a momento.
    the outfit accidently ended up with some of the things my mom was gonna toss (and I scarfed up). I returned it but snagged some pics before hand.

    Good thing I took the cast offs or it might have ended up at Good Will :O


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