Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend away, ongoing renovations and a new fur baby

The annual float trip was a much needed get away. We did have to bag the floating part of th trip as the river was even lower than this time last year and my knees and buttocks were extremely thankful. Next year’s trip will be earlier in the Spring when the water will be cold but the level will be higher and of course much more fun.
We slept in a tent this year complete with a high-rise air bed and A/C. Yes to all my die-hard camping family and friends, I confess I’m a camping wimp. I also know with 90 degree plus temperatures, 100% humidity and sleeping on the ground I would not have been able to function. This body needs some pampering I’m just saying.
A few pics from the tent. Oh yes, we had both dogs with us and this was their first tent experience. They did really well and having a 3 room tent, allowed them to have plenty of room to Lab-stretch out.

AND I broke down and bought a pair of the most comfortable yet unfashionable shoes I’ve ever owned. Yup I am now an official fan of Keens.
On to the on-going renovations. We are finishing the foyer, YAY! Here’s an in-progress photo.
And we have a new fur-baby grand daughter, Gracie.
In all her Chesapeake bay sweetness…..
The boys are happy to have another 4 legged playmate in the family and she is typical puppy go,go,go and then crash and burn.
Well painting, measuring and cutting are calling.
Stay tuned…..


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