Saturday, August 13, 2011


It’s been some time (2 years) since we started our stairway/foyer project and I’m happy, so happy it is almost completed. Unfortunately I did not take photos before so I’ll sum it: full carpet stairs (what was I thinking), a cubbyhole door on the landing to a storage stuff everything and anything room. It was  a 12 x 14 room with a sloped roof line that held a ton. Another cubbyhole door at the top of the stairs (no folks we do not have an attic thank goodness) which would constantly blow open and let hot or cold air billow down the stairs.
Now there is no longer a cubbyhole door on the landing YAHOO.
We closed off the storage completely which means we have less room to stuff things.IMG_0666
And at the top of the stair the cubbyhole door was replaced with a full sized door. Another YAHOO

All the wainscoting down the stairs is complete as well.
In the foyer the doors, baseboard trim, and door trim were replaced as well. We continued the Wainscoting throughout the foyer. It looks so fresh and clean and FINISHED.

Oh and I painted the front door too. Eventually would like to replace the steel door but that may be a deal breaker since hubs believes wood doors don’t seal well. (I may have to just settle on this one).

Then since we were working in the foyer, I decided to paint the powder room. (ok paint and bead board but it was a way to keep hubs on my team).

Before: plain off white walls, it has been a safe color for me all these years.
After: bead board walls and paint. Which turned into repainting it 3 times till I felt comfortable with the color. Man-O-man, without a window in this room the colors are so different. It’s hard to tell but this color is actually Gray Owl.

I’m happy with the calm, fresh look. I painted the bead board before installing it now I’m debating on whether to second coat it. Right now it looks similar to a whitewash.

Now for the almost part; the stair treads.
We can’t decide whether to stain again or paint. I’m wanting to paint but I can’t decide on a color. I know the paint will show the scratch and wear marks but I don’t mind. The original stain color was the color of the handrail (see above) and I didn’t like it. So I’m open to suggestions. Paint ? or stain? and what color?

IMG_0669One last note. A guest told us we installed our door levers upside down. Hmmmmm.  I guess I like the end flowing up rather than  down towards the floor. I’m different.. I’m just saying.
Off to work on another project.
Stay tuned…..


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