Saturday, March 31, 2012

Projects finished at last!

I’ve been working on several projects and finally finished a few.  The first is a group of lovely ladies I named “Little Women”.  They were a great find. I had originally planned to replace the caning in the backs until I weighed out the cost and time versus covering them.
I can only take credit for the sweat and time, my inspiration came from Marian’s beautiful French Chair and dinning room chairs.
Definitely from the “70’s” and definetely not French but I think the new look gives them a cottage feel. I REALLY wanted to keep them but I have no place so they are off to a local shop.
A few before photos
and after
Next is a little footstool I’ve had so long, I don’t remember where or when I acquired it. Three of the legs were barely attached; the fourth was off completely. I liked the dark finish so I just repaired and re-attached. I call him "Stan."
And after.
I used fabric I had left over from the “Little Women”. The cover is just slipped over so it can easily be removed for laundering. "Stan" is now residing in our living room.
And my latest project was for a client. Her name is Miss “M”.
She is a sturdy gal, just needed a facelift.
And after
I have another client job to complete and then I think I’d like to tackle a project in our home.
Stay tuned…..


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