Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've been studying and studying and studying so I decided to take a break and go meet the owner and creator of Mustard Seed Creations. If you have not checked out her blog I encourage you to head on over. Miss Mustard Seed has the most incredible talent for decorating, upcycling and creating. She took tons of her wares and headed to Lucketts Fair, just north of Leesburg. Sooooooooo........I decided to head on down to meet her.

It was a beautiful day (a bit hotter than I like) but I still enjoyed the day away. Meeting her in person was incredible and she is wonderfully talented yet extremely humble woman. She was so gracious when I ask to take a photo of her in her booth but once again my camera has such a long shutter delay that the photo was too blurry to post. ugh, I REALLY hope my dream camera comes my way when I graduate! So instead of a yukie photo, I've posted the link to her blog. Click on her logo.
Miss Mustard Seed's blog
I am also linking back to the Lucketts video created by Miss Mustard Seed and her mother. And I am getting back to the books for another round of studying. I can't wait to be finished with boards.

Stay Tuned......


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