Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I've been hearing about many-a-talented bloggers using ORB and I just had to check it out for myself.

Sooooo, this weekend in an effort to get some light in our otherwise dark drive at night, (AKA the lights haven't been working for some time over a year at least, bulbs were not the issue) Guido and I decided forced him to investigate. Upon closer inspection, the bulbs had burned through the metal rod which holds the light together and subsequently caused the lamps to short out.
Sooo goes the problem with ALL (8 total) the other lights. Now the others are not burned through b/c they are not on for long periods of time, but now they don't match but I know he will gladly be forced into painting them too.

Well since we Guido had 3 of them down for repair, he generously was forced to paint them. And guess what I have? yup that's right several cans of ORB just patiently waiting.

This was the finish when the lights were installed years ago I really liked the finish kinda rustic/antique and I especially like the air bubbles in the globes.

(minus the dust and cobwebs)

Then over time the elements turned the finish to this:
yes it does look like a shade of mauve (one of my least favorite colors).

But then........

 wait for it....................

ORB and tah-dah!

I am so stoked about ORB I can't wait to find other goodies to repaint!   Oh Guido, where are you......

wire to rework the lamp - free
steelwool for prep - ?? we had it
ORB - $3.49/can x 1.5 cans ~ $5 and a quarter
seeing my face when it was all finished (love ya Guido)......Priceless
Savings ~ $370.00
(appologies for the photo quality, had to use my iPhone AGAIN)
Back to studying
......Stay tuned

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  1. Seriously, that looks ridiculously amazing! I LOVE it. You are quite handy with that ORB.

    Not sure if you know, but since ORB is expensive, I always do a base coat of cheap black first. That way I only have to mist the ORB on. Saves money. :)

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths


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