Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I un-idiot-proofed.....

I find more and more we are forced to live with idiot proof household items which were once easy to use AND clean. One such frustration for me is my food processor. I thoroughly like the model I have and I specifically ask for this one (and recieved) as a present last Christmas (thank you hubs).
My old model died and I knew I needed something a bit more rugged as I tend to "experiment" with my processor and it takes a beating. So here is the beast. This is a work horse and it is whisper silent compared to my old model. It works hard, chops like a dream and I've never experienced any lag with it. I REALLY like this machine. 
Notice however, the shoot for the food is in.........the BACK of the machine. #1 inconvience.
The shoot is also two pieces but the small center tube is not separate and nearly impossible to clean, ugh.

I tried to place the lid on with the shoot in the front
well oh no I don't it's been idiot proofed it Must be in the back.
I ask myself many times why....why is part that a cook needs to use the most while chopping, in the back of the machine?

So the other day I had the TV on and a cooking show with the initials RR was on. I walked past the tv just when the host was placing the lid back on her food processor and what to my wonder eyes should appear....... A SIMPLE LID!!

If RR can have a lid like that than surely I can get one too. Guess what, a simple lid is available for this processor for $14 and some change from here. To me it is priceless.
So now instead of my poor hubs having to listen to me whine about the lid and the idiot-proof frustration I express, he can stroll into the kitchen without fear.
And look, the center of the lid is removable (GASP) so you can drop more into the processor
without removing the lid........YIPPPEEEEE

But I did almost start a rant when I read the BIG ORANGE (not easily removed) label;
Basically one is not to use this "simple cover" for any type of processing. HUH?
Well it doesn't matter, cause I can use it for anything I want without having to deal with the idiot-proofing of the original lid. I personally believe this lid should be part of the purchase but since it isn't if you have a Cuisinart model DLC-7SFP, DFP-14 or DFP-14BCN you can order a simple lid from Here. The item number is CUI DLC-016GTX-1

I am in Hog Heaven!

Stay Tuned....


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