Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas is coming......

And I before I get all wrapped up in the preparations I want to give a shout out to all my friends in blog land because my Christmas giving’s are all thanks to you! I’m crazy busy sewing, cooking (yup I said cooking), and crafting all thanks to the ideas of my clever crafty friends. This is just a teensie sample of what I’m working on. And can I just say one-more-time, I apologize for the quality of the photos; the actual finished products are turning out exactly as the original creators have said.

I’m busy working on some of these.
 Thank you to Jones Design Company!

And some of this
 Thank you Prudent Baby!

And some of this yummy stuff
Thank you Fly through Our Window

And on a back note, my sister and her hubs from Maine were in for the Thanksgiving Holiday and we took in an Alpaca Open house. It was quite windy so we only spent a few minutes outside with the sweet furry critters.
They definitely had the right idea, stay low-keep warm! If you have never felt the coat of an Alpaca the closest thing I could say is it feels like a cross between cashmere and a dream!

And if you are someone who has trouble getting or staying warm, try alpaca clothing. My guy was a die hard wool sock man till he met alpaca socks. If he says they are warmer, then by crackie they are warmer.

They also carry a BEAUTIFUL line of yarn, roving and hand spun yarns. I made this wrist warmer from one skein of hand-spun yarn for a mere $3.

And last year I made this messenger bag with wet felting and alpaca roving.
I really like working with alpaca (sorry sheep) and it is sooooo soft.
If you want to learn more about these wonderful animals, where they came from and their oh-so-incredibly-soft coats please visit Kraussdale Alpacas.

Back to the workshop, Stay tuned..........

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  1. You are busy, busy, busy! All I had to do was look at those alpacas and I knew which farm you went to! I was just there on Sunday for videotaping for a kids production at church. I just had to go back and get another pair of alpaca socks as I wore my other pair out. This time I bought the boot socks. What a difference! Tell your "hubs" that I too agree 100% about their warmth. So glad I made that choice to switch over 5 years ago. "Warms my toes".


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