Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Calling all painters and photographers

I have two things I need some advice, guidance, expertise, experience, etc.

(1)  We have a lot of power equipment at our disposal for which I am very grateful. The only problem is I have not used some and I feel a bit lost. The one item is our paint sprayer. It’s not a commercial grade however it comes with enough warnings that I really don’t want to just filler-up and start spraying. This is the beast. (that’s turkey frying oil in the background, not gasoline). Also included with this is a nail gun, air stapler, air chisel, air dremel looking tool and something else at the moment escapes me. 
                                                                        This is the spray mechanism
The small canister can be removed and a large floor canister can be used. For now, I’d be happy to be using the spray canister (holds about a quart).
Anyone out there have any experience with one of these? If you have would you email me?
I have 4 of these chairs I’m going to upcycle and I’d like to paint with the sprayer. I think with some pre-practice I could knock these out in a fraction of the time and with a nicer finish. (yup got new caning for the backs too).

The other thing I need some guidance with is my quirky camera.
I was using my iPhone camera b/c this one was not working. In my clean up frenzie I accidently knocked this one on the floor and
WAH-LAH it’s working again.

The problem is it is hit or miss with my photos. I snapped the chair pics with this one and they are actually not too bad.
I know outdoor photos (at least for me) are always way better than indoors. But overall I really struggle with this camera.
My plan is to move up to a true DSLR but for now, I need to work with this Sony Cybershot.
If you have this camera, I’d really like to hear from you.

Stay tuned........


  1. So I asked my hubby about the spray gun... he said that his advice would be to make sure the paint is mixed well before pouring it in and to make sure to clean it out well when you are done.

    I am excited to see how your chairs turn out and all the other exciting projects that you will be sure to take on once you master the spray painting machine.

    And thank you again for calling me. It was SOOOOOOO nice to get to chat a little bit with you.


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