Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re-organizing in a minute

I've been seeing a great deal of bloggers reorganizing over the past month and well.....I started feeling guilty. Check out Terri over at Em-belle-ish . I think she has re-organized every inch of her home! And over at A bowl full of Lemons,  a 21day challenge kept the momentum going.
Believe me I have tons I could re-organize if I would take the time. So, I decided two little things that were causing me a big waste of time due to the lack of organizing, would be tackled.

The first was my stash of magazines. I keep them for inspiration even if I've already read them 10 times. I bring them out according to month~ BUT ~ everytime I want to bring out the next month I sort through stacks and stacks. I know, silly right? I emptied the cabinet and sorted by month.

now they are all neatly stored according to month.
ahhhh so much less sorting!

Then it was on to the second big waste of time (almost ashamed to admit these)
the basket by our bathroom sink.
Every morning we would dig through this jumbled mess wasting precious time.
For years we've been doing this, why I keep scratching my head???
who knows.
I found this organizer at Wally world it's not exactly what I wanted but for now it is a HUGE improvement.

Dividers are neat they allow you to use as many or as few sections as you need just by popping out the flexible sections.

And as you can see I utilized all the dividers.
Ta-dah, no more digging every morning and night for the toothbrushes!

So now I don't feel like such a schlep I've at least organized a little.

And a shout out to all my blogging friends who are headed to Blissdom, safe journey and have a blast!

Stay Tuned......

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  1. You go girl! It is looking Mar-Ve-Lous!!!And thanks for the shout out :)


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