Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blissdom 2012 ????

I've been reading so many wonderful posts from those who attended Blissdom 2011.
Seems like Blissdom conferences are the best conferences EVER.

Everyday I open my reader to see more great photos that make me really want to go in 2012. The creativeness from these ladies is out of this world inspiring.

So in planning ahead (WAY ahead) I got to thinking I am gonna need a serious wardrobe makeover. When I'm home I live in yoga pants and expired tee shirts and there will not be a photo of the previous! By the looks of things that is NOT gonna cut it at Blissdom.

For starters, have you seen all the boots? I own one pair of boots and chances are by 2012 they will be out of fashion. Next jewelry......I......well..... don't wear much although I do enjoy seeing it, I'm not a jewelry diva I am gonna need some help. The scarves, well now I can do scarves but again, by 2012 they too will probably be out of style.  Check out these fashion divas, Ya'll look like it was the best time ever!!

See the boots and scarves
And the jewelry

Can't wait to hear more stories and see more photos from the conference.

If you were gonna go to Blissdom, what would you take?

(NOTE ~ the photos are property of 320*Sycamore )


  1. I would take you girlie. It looks like a blast :)

  2. Ahhh, you are kind.

    I am gonna start planning to go in 2012. You with me? It will take a lot of saving and planning but wouldn't it be the best?


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