Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A wish for a Happy Birthday Edie and a prayer for you and your family.

Today's post is not about me or my family but for a special lady named Edie.
For those who do not know Edie, my words cannot do her the justice she deserves. I hope I can at the very least share with you a little of the grace Edie bestows.

Edie has a wonderful blog full of laughter, devotion, creativity, humility and love. I have followed her blog for some time and although we have never met or even corresponded, I consider her a friend. On Tuesday before Christmas Edie’s home was completely destroyed by fire. Perhaps that is why when I learned of her families loss, I sat alone at my computer stunned and wept for her. Edie has touched me on several occasions with her open love for the Lord and her devotion to his teachings.
One post in particular brought me a kind of peace I can’t put into words.

Shortly after my brother passed I read a post from Edie and her words gave me peace as I said goodbye. A prayer, a post, a life was touched by words from a woman I’d never met.

Our hope is in Him, whose resurrection has freed us from death.
from the Lutheran prayer book:
Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.
Merciful Father, You know how difficult these days are for me. In Your holy Word, You have promised to hear those who cry unto You in the day of trouble. Listen to my cries for mercy and send help from the sanctuary of Your grace.
Preserve me from bitterness of spirit, and rescue me from every temptation to despair. Calm my frustrations with the knowledge that my life is secure in Your redeeming love, for I am baptized into the death and resurrection of Your Son. Draw me out of self centered worry, which stifles faith, and cause me to take comfort in the Gospel. Sustain and strengthen me under every cross and affliction, that Your grace might be made perfect in my weakness.
Give me confidence to pray without losing heart and to trust in Your mighty deliverance according to Your good and gracious will.
Father, into Your hands I commend myself. Hear me, for the sake of Your Son, who alone is my Brother and Savior. Amen.

Today my wish for you Edie is from this prayer; Calm my frustrations with the knowledge that my life is secure in Your redeeming love.

God is good Edie, peace be with you.

If you would like wish Edie a Happy Birthday and share how she has touched your life, I encourage you to visit her blog and perhaps our words will help in some small way.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I have visited Edie's blog from time to time in the past, but I spent a bunch of time there today. It is obvious that she has touched so many with the love of Christ. I pray that she will be experiencing His love and His peace that passes all understanding during this difficult time.

  2. oh how that prayer has comforted me these past weeks. thank you so much for praying, for encouraging, and for sharing in our burden. bless you friend.
    hugs and much love,


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