Monday, January 03, 2011

A List, an apology and a challenge

Happy 2011 Everyone. I hope each of you has had wonderful holidays and that you have had the opportunity to enjoy time with your loved ones.
I am starting the year off with a list, an apology and a challenge.
So here goes.
A: List
My list of reasons pathetic excuses why I haven’t blogged in decades (in no particular order):
(1) Christmas
(2) Celebrating
(3) Shopping, planning, wrapping
(4) Attending family functions
(5) Cooking
(6) Crafting
(7) Sleeping
(8) Planning
(9) Decorating
B: An apology
So now that I’ve put all that on paper, I realize I’ve not had anymore to do than the rest of you and I feel silly. The truth is I often am at a loss for what to blog about. When I started this blog I was full of ideas about what to write and share. Now months later, I’m not so sure of myself. Part of the reason is lack of interest. Not from me but from those on the other end. I don’t hear much from people so I wonder if people are reading and are people interested in what I write. I apologize for not blogging more; I’m in the process of regrouping.
A smart lady told me a while back not to be concerned with who is reading…..Just write she said. Write I thought, about what? And write….me? I’m not a writer I don’t know the first thing about writing. She said blog anyway. So here I am months later at a loss again because I fear what I have to write about is less than interesting to others. I don’t have a working camera (other than iphone) so my pics leave a great deal to be desired.

This blog was mainly created to keep the rest of our family posted about life here. For those non-family readers, our family is spread from Maine to California. I don’t see them often and the blog seemed like the perfect way to connect. To my surprise and elation I have acquired non-family followers too. So I need to expand and blog about other things in addition to my family. I am not hearing much feedback about the blog so I’m wondering,
was I wrong?; is anyone listening?

C: Challenge
My sisters, my children, my friends and my mother YOU are ALL very talented. You know your talents folks so I am going to challenge you right here in blog land. That’s right. While I’m working on revamping the blog and getting my act together, I want you to step up and blog.
I challenge each of you to be a guest here. That’s right; I want YOU to share something here. It can be about your life, your children/grandchildren, your hobbies, your home projects/makeovers, your photos, your vacations, your friends or your significant other, whatever. Send me an email and I’ll get you set up. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to guest blog I’ll help you. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get your photos in the blog, I’ll help you.
Don’t worry that what you have to say won’t be interesting; you’re reading this; I rest my case.
So put on your thinking caps and get down to business. The first one to email me with their guest blog information will receive a special one of a kind gift tailored just for them. (No I’m not gonna make something for you…relax…. it’s more like a gift box of goodies just for you). If this takes off, I’m contemplating sending a unique goodie box each month. It’s part of my 2011 plan to reduce and pay-it- forward.
So who’s gonna be first??????


  1. Well, I am a non-family, new follower blogger. I started my blog in July and it's been somewhat slow going. I'm glad that you are going to keep at it. I'm just getting to know you. As for guest post... I'm game if you are up for a non-family, new follower post.

  2. Absolutely, positively, without hesitation......YES!!

    I'd love to have a guest post by you. I will contact you with my email information.


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