Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fun on the 4th

We had so much fun on the 4th of July. After a whirl-wind tour of packing up at the lake we buzzed home, whipped up food, showered, packed and headed off to a picnic/reunion. The food was fabulous and abundant as always, the weather although hot did not rain on us and seeing everyone is always a good time. I did manage to capture a few snapshots although once again my camera is not user friendly and I missed some really good ones. I'd really love to have this camera some day (hint hint) in case anyone is wondering!

The pond always looks sooooo inviting and each year I think how much our 4 legged crunchers would spend the entire day here.

For those who have been to the annual picnic/reunion you know someone always has to flip the canoe. The day just wouldn't be complete without this...

So who actually flipped the canoe.....was it the two in the paddle boat???? the canoer's themselves??? or was it the snorkel guy lurking behind the canoe? who is that anyway?
And look there is only one poor sole towing the canoe back to shore, what happened to the other occupant Uncle Phil????

There was also more entertainment at hand. Nothing says summer quite like a boy and water. Even if it is contained in a bottle.

But wait, "I think I can do that myself"
This little cruncher could make water bottle pouring a sport, I've never seen a youngster who could kick a soccer ball or swing a golf club as well as he does. I think I see Olympics in his future!

Grabbed a few shots of the fam in between plates of food.

Who are those ladies behind the Foster Grants?

Is this the Donahue family?

Thanks to Uncle Steve and Aunt Betty for providing a perfect location for our family. I feel very blessed to live in the land of the free and the brave, thanks to all those who keep our country a safe place to call home.


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