Saturday, July 03, 2010

playing catch up

Hi to all and sorry for being MIA for over a month. It's been a wild part of the journey and I won't bore you with the details. I have managed to complete some over due projects in between which is some relief for sure. Remember this..

Now it looks like this. And only set me back $2.40 and about an hour.

I missed (but didn't forget) two precious little ladies birthday's in Ohio. Sooooo I will be sending belated birthday wishes and a little something next week. Since neither is old enough to use the computer unassisted, I will preview here.

A reversible chef out fit for Miss Lucy-Bug.
I hope you cook Nana something yummy!

And a Girlie sunset for Miss Ella-Bella.

Last weekend was the annual tubing, kayaking, boating, floating trip on the river. I was not brave enough to take my camera along on the trip but some of the other's had waterproof jobbies and as soon as I can I will post some of their pics. Here is one of the view from the campsite.

and isn't this the finest wine glass you have ever seen?
Gotta love camping!

I also made some brup clothes for my friend's new little grand daughter. I purchased the flannel months ago and was meaning to sew them then. HA I always have such grand visions of time.

I gotta say I am most often drawn to feminine fabrics

Tomorrow is the 4th and we will be heading to the family picnic/reunion for tons of good times and laughter. I never realized how much I enjoy the family get togethers until we didn't attend a few times over the past few years. I feel blessed to again be able to resume some of the activities that I've had to put on hold for school. We will also be meeting Master Luke for the first time. I just had to make something for the little cruncher and after sorting through my files I found the pattern for this cute little reversible bucket hat. I think it will be just the ticket.

And today we are at the lake for a short visit. The boys enjoy the swimming.

Safe and Happy 4th


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