Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday.....

Today is my Mother's Birthday

My mom is a wonderful person with many talents. The litttle bit of interior design I have, I credit all to her. Each of her homes have been decorated beyond imagination.

Speaking of which, my mom is also a genius when it comes to improvising and "using what ya got" to decorate. I don't know if she remembers but years ago my mother cleverly hid the back of a cabinet (which faced into an ajoining room) with burlap......LONG before burlap was the hit it is today. Go Mom!

My mom is also a fabulous cook who always makes enough to feed an army. There are plenty of take-homes from our family gatherings which taste even better the second time around. (I plan to get shots of the Thanksgiving feast to be posted later).

My mom is also a teacher.
Here she is giving dance lessons.

My mom also looks great in hats

She is a swim instructor (and a good one, she taught me how to swim).

My mom also teaches toddler Yoga.

Most of all my mom is loving.
Happy Birthday mom
I love You


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