Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trying out Windows Live Writer

Whenever I have an idea for a post I sit down, start writing and then it happens. I want to spell check and my blog server does not have (or I’ve not found) a spell check feature. So I cut and paste into a word document – check the spelling – then copy and paste back into my blog. When press “preview” inevitably the spacing is off or I forgot to change the font to my favorite or I want to add a photo.  Well leave it to Gail at My {re} purposed Life to post about Windows Live Writer and here I am.
So far, so good. One of the first things I noticed (and like) is the layout. It looks and feels like Microsoft Word and that makes it so much more user friendly for me. Another like is the SPELL CHECK feature!! I can spell, I had spelling classes during my education and when push comes to shove I can use the old fashioned paper dictionary if I need to…….but why? I spent the better part of my life using spell check in one form or another. Further for those of us baby bloggers writing doesn’t necessarily flow so its nice to know I can focus on writing and not spelling! (can ya tell I’m stoked over a spell check)?
Next inserting a photo. This post is just a test drive so I’m using a random photo. (this was actually a terrifying moment.)
I think I’m gonna like Live Writer but I’ll let you know for sure after I post to the blog
Stay Tuned……….

UPDATE: Oh YA Live Writer is sooooo much better for me, Thanks so much Gail!!

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  1. I've been kinda chicken to try out WLR...maybe I should give it a try. Glad its working for you.


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